Robert James - Principal & CEO

Robert has been in the Travel & Deluxe Tour industry since 1979 and is a principal with Sports Travel & Tickets. Robert studied business at Stanford before embarking on a career in sports hospitality after a chance meeting and subsequent friendship with Niki Lauda at the 1976 German Grand Prix. Within the industry, Robert has received numerous awards, including a Magellan Award from Travel Weekly for his team as well as several World Travel Awards. Robert is based in South Florida but spends a great deal of time in our Indianapolis office, as well as with our group in Europe. Robert and his family travel often to top sporting events and he is our senior golf guru and wine steward. Robert shared a bottle of champagne with Emerson Fittipaldi and Roger Penske immediately after the 1993 Indianapolis 500 and to this day he still wants to show everyone the cork he saved from that bottle. 


Taylor Smith - Principal & Managing Partner

Taylor Smith is a sports marketing and entertainment industry veteran who works with our CEO to leverage our relationships and partnerships. She is responsible for many of the company’s sports event packages and our premium life experiences group travel. Taylor grew up in a family of sports and travel experts, so from an early age she has experienced first-hand global travel and memorable world sporting events herself. Taylor has headed marketing strategy and business development since joining us in 1998 after several top positions in Europe. Taylor studied business and public policy with a German language minor at Indiana University and subsequently studied fine art in Nürnberg and Berlin, Germany. Taylor developed and leads our Life Experiences department, personally organizing our Artistic Travel Workshops and Wine Country Experiences. Taylor is handy with a champagne bottle and has taught our staff and many enthusiastic clients the noble art of Champagne sabrage, the act of opening a champagne bottle with a saber. Ask her for tips. 


Jeff von dem Bach - Director of National Events
Kentucky Derby | Masters Golf | Indianapolis 500 | Super Bowl | Final Four

Jeff has a background in business marketing and more than six years of experience in the sports travel industry. Jeff is responsible for working with our hotel and transportation partners as well as our industry guest speakers which we have for premier events within the US. Jeff also worked for several years in meeting planning and charity events, with a focus on the PGA Tour. Jeff holds a degree in economics and marketing from the University of Arizona and is a native of Austin, TX. Although Jeff looks like someone in a French beer commercial, he actually is a very nice guy.


Nadia Ammon - Director International Events
Formula One Travel Packages | FIFA World Cup Matches | Winter Olympics

She's awesome. Nadia received her Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago and earned her undergraduate degree in Italy at the Università di Bologna. Nadia is the spark that ignites our international business, focusing on Formula One and World Cup travel. We are often unsure where Nadia is at the moment, but we have recently received expense reports from Monaco, Sao Paulo, London, Qatar and a very obscure town in the South of France. As long as our clients are happy, we keep approving them.

sportstravel- tickets-hospitality-masters-golf.jpg

Amy Alexander - Office Manager

Amy's enthusiasm is contagious among the company's staff and clients. Amy joined us after working for 5 years with a Canadian sports management firm and can regularly school us on hockey and the fluctuation of the currency exchange north of the border. If there is a calming force in our office, Amy is at the center of it. Amy was also in Cleveland for the thrilling Game 7 of the Cubs World Series win in 2016 and she got a high five from Bill Murray, probably for just being Canadian. Bill Murray! Imagine that.


Michael Spears - Player Relations & New Business Development
Luxury Skybox & Suites | Featured Celebrity Athlete Appearances

Michael's passion is the hallmark of his tenure with us, which began in 2010. Daily he guides Sports Travel & Tickets to be a company with a conscience, focused on providing clients with life experiences that both enrich and fulfill lifetime dreams. His background in sports has been a true benefit to our team, as Michael has the inside relationships with many of the top professional talent that we see at the highest levels in sports year in and year out. If there is a reason we have access to the best sporting events and the best seats for world championship events, Michael lays the foundation. Michael has had cigars and scotch with NFL hall of famers and coaches alike. He'd love to have one with you, he told us.


Carolynn Cocuzza - Vice President of New Business Development
Kentucky Derby | Masters Golf | Indianapolis 500 | Super Bowl | Broadway Theatre

Carolynn is responsible for all new business development within the US market. Carolynn has extensive Fortune 500 experience in a business development role. Carolynn holds a degree in sports management from Greensboro College and is a native of good old New Jersey. Carolynn hits her tee shots very straight and she claims that she was a pretty big deal in the world of women's college sports back in the day.


Rich Hollady - Marketing Communications Manager

Rich crafts our marketing messages and manages our corporate communications for all events worldwide. Rich was formerly a marketing communications manager with Volvo and he is a proud native of North Carolina. Rich is a fervent Carolina Panthers fan and is still trying to perfect his own version of the attire that Cam Newton brings to the post-game press conference.