Super Bowl Seat Location Guide at Mercedes-Benz Stadium 

"Where would you prefer to sit when experiencing the Super Bowl?"

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SuperBowl LIII Ticket Seating Guide - Atlanta 2019

  • Upper Level End Corner - Sections 301-307 / 316-335 / 344-350
  • Upper Level Sideline - Sections 309-310 / 313-314 / 337-338 / 341-342
  • Upper Level Prime Sideline - Sections 310-313 / 338-341
  • 200 Level End Corner - Sections 201-205 / 217-231 / 243-247
  • 200 Level Sideline - Sections 207-208 / 214-215 / 233-235 / 239-241
  • Club Level Sideline - Sections C210-212 / C236-238
  • Club Level Prime Sideline - Sections C108-112 / C126-130
  • Lower Level End Corner - Sections 101-105 / 115-123 / 133-136
  • Lower Level Sideline - Sections 107 / 113 / 125 / 131
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Mercedes-Benz Stadium Seating

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a light-filled and modern retractable roof stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Recently constructed at a cost of $1.6 billion, it is the home of the NFL's Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta United FC soccer team. What a marvelous host for Superbowl LIII this new gem of the south will truly be! One of the few stadiums in the NFL with a retractable roof, super bowl fans will enjoy the game with the latest amenities and fantastic views of the action.


The design of Mercedes-Benz Stadium features an eight-panel retractable roof which resembles a pinwheel when seen from above. There is also a massive glass wall that can open in conjunction with the roof to allow in fresh air and views of the Atlanta skyline. In keeping with Atlanta's theme of the falcon, the beautiful roof, with it's eight triangular translucent panels, will open and creates the illusion of a bird's wings when taking flight. Additionally, this Superbowl host stadium has a halo video board that encloses the playing field and stretches from one side of the stadium to the other. Inspired by the Roman Pantheon, Mercedes-Benz Stadium features a circular opening at the top with a translucent material which can be adjusted to allow more light into the stadium.

The Superbowl 53 host stadium includes an unbelievable 100-yard drinks bar that stretches the entire length of the football field in the upper concourse, as well as a fantasy football lounge and VIP Premium club seating in the lower level adjacent to the field. 

Fans attending Super Bowl LIII will also be treated to more than 100 works of contemporary and modern art, many with a sports theme. The stadium has integrated art into its interior and exterior design, including pieces by Steven and William Ladd, Hank Willis Thomas and Nari Ward. The focus of the art collection is an enormous steel sculpture entitled "Rise Up" by sculptor Gábor Miklós Szőke and may just be the largest freestanding bird sculpture in the world. The falcon, standing fiercely atop a 13-foot-tall bronze football, reaches a total height of 41 feet and has a wingspan of 70 feet. This astounding sculpture resides at the entrance to the stadium and is the height of a four-story building. 

Sports Travel & Tickets guests will be amazed at their experience at Superbowl LIII in Atlanta and are assured to have memories of their Super Bowl travel package that will last for decades!