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After controversy over the selection of Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup, England has emerged as the favorite as the replacement host country for 2022 if Qatar is stripped of the Cup. England has the infrastructure and the transportation system in place and would be a capable host on short notice should the World Cup be moved to a new host country. England mounted a very impressive, yet unsuccessful bid to host the 2018 World Cup and there is rampant talk that England is well-placed to step in, should FIFA make this decision. This World Cup tournament will also be the final one to involve only 32 national teams. The next World Cup, to be held in 2026 in the North American host countries of Canada, the United States & Mexico, will consist of of an expanded 48 team field.

One of the most spectacular and widely anticipated events of 2022 will be the World Cup tournament in England. Sports Travel & Tickets can arrange everything for you or your clients in comfort, security and style. Customize your World Cup package with specific dates, specific teams and matches as well as fascinating land tours in London City, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and every other host city.  Our tours include the UK's finest hotels, luxury culinary experiences, fascinating tours of ancient and modern sites, and many other extras. 

Customize Your World Cup Travel Package

Sports Travel & Tickets' World Cup packages will be individually customizable allowing you the pleasure of a purely unique and personal experience at these historic World Cup Games. Our experienced and professional Sports Travel Specialists will assist you with the full design of your World Cup travel experience with all of the host cities' top hotels and restaurants, customized game day experiences, and many other extras which will completely enhance your football travel package. Each of our World Cup guests will be greeted and attended to by our pre-travel specialists, our personal meet-and-greet team at the airport upon arrival in England, and our professional hosts on the ground for the tournament games. Take advantage of our 30+ years of experience at the world’s biggest sporting events and reserve now for your most memorable travel experience yet!

Our England 2022 World Cup package details and pricing will be coming soon once a decision is made whether to maintain the tournament in Qatar or if it will be moved to England or even another unknown host country. We are working hard right now to finalize all the details to ensure our guests have access to the very best in England. For "front of the line" access to this historic event, join our pre-sale list and you’ll be among the first to be notified when our World Cup Travel packages are released. Get in touch by contacting one of our Sports Travel & Tickets' specialists at 1-888-885-3132 or by submitting a request via the form on the right hand side of this page.

More about England - the potential new location for the 2022 World Cup

Sport in England plays an enormously influential role in English life. The most popular team sport in England is undoubtedly football, or soccer, as it is known in the United States. A large number of modern sports were refined in England during the nineteenth century, such as cricket, rugby English football, and tennis. You will be in very good company during your time in England for the 2022 World Cup, as passionate sports fans are found in every corner of the country.

In a land with so many options, our World Cup travel package clients can choose additional tours and excursions including learning about ancient art and literature, the Royal House of Windsor or enjoying a pub crawl in beautiful historic pubs that dot the landscape. We really can't say enough about England and it’s historic influence in the world. London now has one of the world's most spectacular contemporary skylines, and it's list of world-class culinary hot-spots is growing exponentially. Watching the sun set over Tower Bridge on the Thames after attending your nation's tournament match will provide lasting memories of this exciting host for the FIFA World Cup in 2022!

A Bit More About England

How often have you thought that England covers the entire land mass of the United Kingdom? England’s borders are with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west. England is a massive and influential part of the United Kingdom but it only comprises the central and southern parts of the island. England is, of course, the most populous country in United Kingdom with 53 million persons. One of the most storied features of England is its climate, rarely do temperatures drop below freezing but on the other hand, it rarely goes above 30°C (86°F) during the summer so the 2022 World Cup should be very comfortable from a climate perspective.

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Follow Your Team
It is the experience of a lifetime to attend the World Cup. Why not dream big while in England and plan your experience around following your team as far as they can go!
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Group Stage
Our truly customized packages allow you to create your dream itinerary in England, using London as your chosen base.
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Round of 16
As teams are eliminated and the pressure is ratched ever higher, you will be right there to experience it all! Fully customized VIP travel packages for 2022 are available to every match in every location.
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As the final 8 teams fight for the 2022 Cup, you will enjoy the best of London with a day trip to one of the four Quarterfinal cities.
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Semis & Final
When you are ready for the very best experience, nothing compares to the electricity and excitment of the World Cup Semifinals and the World Cup Final!
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World Cup Final
The entire world will be watching the World Cup Finals in the UK on television, but you will be there in person in London to experience the ultimate day of the world's most Beautiful Game!
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VIP Custom Itinerary
Create your very own ultimate custom VIP England 2022 World Cup itinerary in the UK down to the smallest detail. Simply tell us what you want to experience and leave the rest to us!
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Day Tours & Excursions
Our unique customized travel packages can include exciting and traditional UK experiences in England, from the tradition and beauty of historic London landmarks to the raw beauty of the British Countryside - England is yours to explore!
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